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SAT, known in full as the Scholastic Assessment Test, evaluates students’ mathematics reasoning and language skills who plan to take undergraduate courses in various universities and colleges abroad. Colleges and universities appraise your SAT score to determine if you fit into their criteria. Those in the US and Canada are especially keen on this. However, different universities/colleges have acceptable SAT scores, with Ivy League schools considering pretty high SAT scores.

The chart below gives more specifically what SAT scores can be considered poor, good, and excellent.

99th (Best)760 and above790 and above1520 and above
90th (Excellent)6706901350
75th (Good)600-6106001200-1210
50th (Average)5305201050
25th (Poor)450-460440-450900
10th (Poorer)390-400380790
1st (Poorest)330 and below310 and below670 and below
SAT Scores data are based on high school students who graduated in 2020.

What is a good SAT score based on your schools?

SAT scores are calculated in percentiles. SAT score of 1460 falls within the 25th percentile, while a score of 1510 falls within the 50th percentile, the mean percentile. Finally, SAT score of 1580 falls within the 75th percentile, which includes the best SAT scores. Colleges have different acceptable SAT scores, which means students must check this clause when applying to a college. 

  • Reading & Writing SAT scores of 720, 750, and 780 are within the 25th percentile, 50th percentile, and 75th percentile, respectively. 
  • Mathematics SAT scores of 740, 770, and 800 falls within the 25th percentile, 50th percentile, and 75th percentile, respectively. 
  • Therefore, total SAT scores of 1460, 1520, and 1580 fall within the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentile. 

What is a good SAT score for Harvard?

Students seeking admission into Harvard stand a better chance if they have a score within or closer to the 75th percentile instead of the 25th percentile. Harvard’s average SAT score is 1515, which falls within the 50th percentile. It shows they have a good mastery of writing, mathematics, and evidence-based writing skills, and it can boost their chance of being among the 4.7% of students that Harvard admits annually. 

What is a good SAT score for an Ivy League?

Generally, applicants should have SAT scores within the 25th to 75th percentile. SAT score of 1550 is a good SAT score for Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Dartmouth, and Yale. Scores above 1550 to 1580 are excellent SAT scores for Ivy League schools. They spike a student’s chance of getting admission because their result is within the 95th percentile. 

What is a good SAT Score for Test-Optional Schools?

Test-optional schools let students decide whether or not to submit their SAT scores alongside other admission requirements. SAT scores of 1520 and above are suitable for test-optional schools because they increase your chance of getting admitted over other applicants. 

What is a good SAT Essay Score?

SAT essay score between 3 to 5 is considered the average, and it falls within the 50th percentile. However, a good SAT essay score is 6 on 8. Although writing the essay is optional, writing it is a smart move because it can complement its GPA. 

Frequently asked QuestionS 

Is a score of 1200 on SAT good?

Yes, it is. The average SAT score is precisely 1059. Therefore, SAT score of 1200 is above the average, meaning that students can apply to colleges with this score. 

Is 1400 a good SAT score?

Students who take the test and have 1400 should understand their points fall into high SAT scores. You can apply for admission into good colleges with this SAT score. However, it does not give you a competitive advantage over other students seeking admission. 

Is 1000 a good SAT score?

Unfortunately, no. Good new SAT scores are over 1059, which is the average. Anything less than that is a poor SAT score, and students are advised to retake the test except they want to apply to test-optional schools. 

Is a 900 SAT score good?

SAT score of 900 falls within the lower 22nd percentile of the total number of people who take the test. It is also lower than the average, meaning that such a person did poorly in the trial. Although it’s not good, some colleges/universities accept, like Notre Dame do Namur University and Life Pacific college in the U.S. are some examples. 

Is 730 a good SAT score?

Students with SAT score of 730 have fewer colleges to choose from than those with high SAT scores. However, this score lets you apply to 19 colleges.


The new SAT score range is between 400 to 1600, combining the mathematics test and the evidence-based reading & writing tests. Good new SAT scores are within the 75th percentile meaning the student has a better score than 75% of those who took the test. Although universities often focus more on the other requirements for admission, SAT score is still an essential factor. It can help admission officers decide when both students meet all the other conditions, but one has a better SAT score. Students can take the SAT more than once because they either had poor points generally or did not meet the standards of the prestigious institution of their choice. It just depends on how good the type of school is, their requirements, and if they pay any attention to SAT scores.

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