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What is a degree? Or what is a bachelor’s degree? This is also known as a college degree. It is an academic program offered by colleges and universities. Depending on the school, the duration of the degree ranges from three to seven years. It is offered by all schools, whether private, public, or online. A bachelor’s degree applies to various academic fields.  

Although the duration for completion is different, you will usually need four years of study to complete your degree, and it will be on a full-time basis. The years are divided into semesters, and each semester has a credit or allocated course that must be passed. Even though some schools use the quarter system instead of the semester, it does not matter; the duration will still be the same.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree means that you have completed a broad range of academic syllabus on a particular course. And after receiving a bachelor’s degree, regardless of whether you intend to continue studies in graduate school or enter the labor market, you are open to many opportunities.

Types of Bachelor Degree

The bachelor’s degree types are divided into four, and you get awarded depending on your course at the university. Although there are times when there might seem to be an overlap of these degrees, this happens because the type of degree you get might depend on the school.

A school might decide to award a Bachelor of Applied Arts for a course and the other award a Bachelor of Science for the same course. These degrees also differ according to their field of interest and course of study. There are many types of degrees accredited in the US, at least numbering up to 80. But it all narrows down to these four bachelor degree options.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

What is a Bachelor of Arts?

A B.A. degree is a comprehensive program of interdisciplinary studies that covers general education, electives, and major courses of study. Unlike a Bachelor of Science program, B.A. generally offers more flexibility in choosing different courses.

 By taking arts and humanities courses, you will be able to broaden your understanding and awareness about cultures and develop skills in analysis, critical thinking, verbal and non-verbal skills.

After you have completed a few general courses, you can then major in various academic fields, including social sciences, behavioral sciences, and visual arts. A Bachelor of Arts degree can be attractive for a career or graduate studies.

Why is Bachelor of Arts Important?

Bachelor of Arts is an excellent choice because it offers students pursuing a lot of opportunities to study different types of art. These programs can give students an in-depth understanding of various types of art and the necessary technical skills needed to work in a particular environment.

Humanity has to do with life, so the course does not only prepare students for jobs, but it also prepares them for a better life ahead. The degree prepares the student to be able to handle different problems that have to do with humans. And they are also able to manage human resources efficiently.

The degree can never be outdated; it helps people develop a mental habit that promotes learning and growth in all aspects, whether personal or professional. It is a degree that makes the student want to learn more about things, life, and people.

Who is it for?

The degree is good for everybody, and it is not limited to anyone. But it is particularly best for you if you are looking for a degree that will open you to a wide variety of opportunities. It is a degree that will open your eyes to different fields of learning. So, it is best for students who love creativity and want to broaden their knowledge about being creative.

The degree is best for a student that has an interest in studying people and life. Are you curious about the reasons behind human behavior and lifestyle, then the degree is for you?

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

What is a Bachelor of Science?

In simple terms, a bachelor of science is a degree that is awarded to students after the completion of a course in science-related fields.  Besides having the best possible career prospects with a Bachelor of Science, students develop useful skills and fulfill a vital requirement for graduate studies.

A degree is usually earned after you have completed four years of full-time study and can usually earn a Bachelor’s degree in Science (B.S.). A student can attend a four-year university to obtain an undergraduate degree or only two years of study at an accredited school after receiving an associate’s degree at a junior college.

The degree can also be obtained with a distance learning study. The degree also offers many opportunities for the students. The graduates get to choose from different fields to major in as a professional. They can work in sectors such as health care, forensic, engineering, and technology fields.

 Why is a B.S degree Important?

The Bachelor of Science course offers the opportunity to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to provide solutions to global problems that humans encounter every day. Having mastered the various skills in all main courses, you will be fully prepared for many bright professional careers.

As a graduate with this degree, you are open to endless opportunities. The degree is part of the commonest, oldest, and best degree available. The degree can never become irrelevant because it targets providing solutions to the problems of humans. And the issues of humanity are endless.

 So, the degree allows you to work in a field that is insatiable with professionals. With the degree, you have high exposure to science courses.

Who is it for?

Science involves fascinating and interesting innovations. So, the course is best for a student who wants to explore. If you love exploration and invention, then the course is best for you. What marks the difference between this degree and other degrees is practical and laboratory work.

Therefore, the course is best for a student who loves to go beyond text and numbers taught in the class to see the practical aspect.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

What is a Bachelor of Fine Arts?

It is an undergraduate academic course that has to do with visual and performing art. It is a professional degree that helps in art development and is structured to help you create a good portfolio that will prepare you for professional jobs or advanced studies.

The bachelor’s degree time in Fine Arts also varies with your specialization, and you can study it either on a full-time or part-time basis, and it is also preferable for distance learning. The degree can involve various courses, such as sculpture, painting, ceramics, photography, literature, and animation, etc.

And another aspect of it might include theater, music, and dancing. It has a lot of specialization, and students have the opportunity to choose the one that matches their interests. With fine, visual, and performing art options, the student gets to heighten their creativity more.

Why is a Bachelor of Fine Arts Important?

The aim of the program is to develop the skills and knowledge of students to become creative thinkers, designers, artists, and solvers of different problems. The degree will help to expand your horizon of creativity as a student. It is the best option to learn creativity or develop if you are already creative.

The moment you obtain your degree in fine art, your chances are without boundaries. There are a lot of sectors and industries that can make use of your skill — valuable and lucrative sectors such as entertainment, fashion, television, education, and art therapy.

Another interesting thing about the Bachelor of Fine Arts is that it involves so many workshop activities. So, you will have the chance to meet various professionals in your particular field. And these will help you to develop yourself as you will be able to gain a lot from them.

The program also helps you to augment your knowledge of concepts, histories, and technical. It offers the best way to broaden your chance of becoming an artist. You will also be able to participate in various research and production.

It will also help you develop critique and presentation skills so you can be able to contribute to the modern creative society and the worldwide cultural economy.

Who is it for?

The bachelor program builds creative techniques in the student. First and foremost, the degree is for the student who loves and is passionate about creativity. It involves a lot of workshops that can make it stressful, but any student who can go the extra mile to develop their art and creative skills will eventually enjoy the program.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)

What is a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)?

This degree might be seen as similar to the Bachelor of Science as they both deal with science. But the Bachelor of Applied Science is considered a highly specialized program at a professional level. Most of the people seen pursuing this degree always have an associate degree in specific courses.

The Bachelor of Applied Science aims to develop management skills and meet the growing demand for leadership skills of high-tech professionals in the industry. The degree may take a long time before completion because it is more professional and specialized and therefore requires a higher level of skills.

The majority of the students in this program are grown-up adults who are experienced and are looking for a way to enhance their skill level. So, it mostly focuses on technical training in science that is advanced and beyond the beginner level.

Why is a Bachelor of Applied Science Important?

For those who want a leading role in the technical field, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science is an important step. As you pursue your degree with an area of specialization, you can learn the right skills to succeed in your chosen field.

It is considered a technical degree in the US, so it is essential for technicians and professionals who want to advance from the basic level in their area of specialization. They are also important as it allows you to apply more scientific methods to real-life situations. The program is responsible for discoveries that have been made in science.

The program also serves as the bridge between science, technology, and business. It allows you to be sound in innovations and discoveries while you still retain an entrepreneur mindset.

Who is it for?

As clearly stated earlier, the program is for professionals. Not just for professionals but for the ones who are looking to meet the demands that come with being a leader in the technical profession.

Admission Requirements

The minimum bachelor’s degree requirements are as follows: you must be a high school graduate, must have completed the GED Test and if you are a transfer student, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.0

Associate Vs Bachelor Degree

What is the difference between an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree? There is a need to understand both, so you don’t confuse them together. They have a whole lot of differences, and one of them is the duration.

Associate Degree

This is the first degree you can pursue after leaving high school, and most times, include courses that are introductory. The program can either aim at studying a particular career or can be classes on general subjects. The duration for the completion of the degree is two years. And it can be obtained as part of the prerequisite to bag a bachelor’s degree.

It can be earned at a community or junior college or even university at the state level after completing the curriculum in 20 classes. With the associate degree, students can train on a specific skill to work in different professions or for advanced studies.

The associate degree can be vocational or for transfer. The vocational awards Associate of Applied Science and the transfer awards either Associate of Arts, an Associate of Science and Associate of Fine Arts. The transfer degree has the aim of moving to another school to complete a four-year degree.

Bachelor’s Degree

The traditional four-year degree is called a bachelor’s degree. The program is the next step after completing the associate degree. This is the minimum level of academic qualification required in many working sectors. It can be obtained whether on a full-time or part-time basis. Distance learning is also an option for obtaining a degree.

There are a lot of bachelor’s degrees, depending on the field of study. To be awarded a bachelor’s degree, you will need up to 120 credits in your coursework. It is more specialized and involves learning more about the courses that you studied in associate programs.

The Difference Between Associate and Bachelor Degrees

The main difference in the programs is Time and depth. The associate degree has fewer credits, and so will take less time to complete than the bachelor’s degree. While both are obtained to get prepared for the professional world, a bachelor’s degree allows a student to gain more knowledge than an associate degree.

As stated earlier, a bachelor’s degree has much credit, which will allow you to have in-depth knowledge in your area of interest. But the courses in the associate degree are majorly foundational.

Similarities Between Associate and Bachelor Degrees

They both prepare the student to become professionals, and they also open up ways for advanced studies.

How Do You Get a Bachelor’s Degree?

Whether Bachelor of Arts, Science, Fine Arts, or Applied Science, getting a bachelor’s degree in college or university involves meeting all requirements for graduation. Depending on the school, core courses must be passed and must have the minimum GPA requirement. And obviously, after completing your years at the school.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of tuition for a four-year degree in the US is $8,893 for state public universities, $22,203 for those attending the university from another state. While the tuition fee for private colleges is $30,094, this figure does not include other costs and expenses; it involves only the cost of the tuition.

According to the college board, that equals an additional expense of $13,933 for public universities and $14,656 for private universities. The total cost of a 4-year college degree is between $91,304 and $179,000 for public and private, respectively, depending on the school you attend.

How Important Is a Bachelor’s Degree?

A bachelor’s degree is important because it is your chance of living the life that you want. You will earn more when you have a bachelor’s than a high school graduate who started working immediately after high school.

A bachelor’s graduate will earn more than a high school graduate, at least 61%. It does not matter whether you pay for the college yourself or you borrowed. You will be able to have a good financial life after you are awarded the degree.

Apart from the advantage of having a high-paying job, a bachelor’s degree also prepares your intellect for living and your profession.

The increase in the number of degrees these days has rendered a lot of degrees irrelevant, but the bachelor’s degree still retains its value. So, it is a degree that you can trust. And also, with a lot of graduates nowadays, one of the best ways to stand out is the bachelor’s degree.

As the world changes, so do the labor market. There are three best developing fields: technology, education, and healthcare. They developed so often that only the most skilled people are found competent. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in college will help you master the skills and have the necessary knowledge to develop a career in these fields.

Research has shown that most of the created since 2010 are Mostly retained by bachelor graduates, at least 95% making a small percentage belongs to high school graduates. And it has also been known that people without a degree are likely to end up in poverty.

So, one of your defenses against poverty is a bachelor’s degree. It helps you to ensure a stable financial life.

Career Opportunities With a Bachelor’s Degree?

The opportunities available for a bachelor’s degree holder are endless. Depending on your field of study, but it usually does not matter your field of study, you will always have the upper hand with a bachelor’s degree.

If you are in the Technology field, you can become a computer hardware engineer, an aerospace engineer, computer network architect, chemical engineer, mechanical engineer, and computer information manager.

And it is also the same for other fields like business, medical, arts, accounting, economics, and information technology.

What Are Accelerated Bachelor Degree Programs?

Accelerated courses are the quickest way to earn a degree. It can either be online or a traditional course in the university. Normally, a university course will take up to 16 weeks, but the accelerated will compress it into 5 or 10 weeks. It is your best chance of bagging a degree in such a little time.


Earning a bachelor’s degree might take your time and might gulp up much money from you, but it is always worth it. Although it is an entry-level requirement for most high-paying jobs, the degree will give you a chance to explore different fields and also meet different professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions
How many credits are in a bachelor’s degree?

A typical bachelor’s degree has 120-semester credits and about 40 courses.

How many years of college to get a bachelor’s degree?

It takes four years of full-time study. However, some institutions allow part-time, distant learning options or might be an online bachelor’s degree.

What comes first associate’s or bachelors?

At college degree levels, the Associate degree will come before a bachelor’s degree.

Do two associates equal a bachelor’s degree?

An associate degree is a two-year program while a bachelor’s takes four years to complete. 

But two associates cannot equal a bachelor.

Can I finish a bachelor’s degree in 2 years?

According to the bachelor’s degree definition, it will take you four years of sitting in classes, workshops, and internships. But you can earn it in two years through an accelerated degree.

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